Seven Sisters Coastal Walk


In a few weeks I will be having knee surgery, because of this I’ve been thinking about how much I’ll miss being able to walk (I spent 7 months of last year on crutches and hated every second). So I decided to do the British thing and go do a country walk, I settled on the Seven Sisters walk as it’s coastal and easy to get to from London. The walk takes you along the coast from just past Seaford to Eastbourne.

If you’re thinking of going I’ll give you an idea of the route I took.

I took a train from Clapham Junction to Ore, this usually stops at Seaford but currently, there is a replacement bus in operation for the last leg of the journey. This wasn’t too bad though and if you aren’t pressed for time Its not painful.

I then got a bus from Seaford towards Exceat, the 12A and the 12X will take you there. There is a bus stop called Seven Sisters, I hopped off here and it’s a simple walk across the road to a path that takes you towards the coast. I decided to take this bus here as there is a river that runs into the sea and if you walk from Seaford you will have to cross it, at high tide you can’t cross it at all and you will need to walk to a crossing point (this will take you at least 30 minutes possibly more). This is something to consider and I would recommend going via bus for ease.

As you walk down towards the beach you can either take the path straight to the beach or take a left and walk up to the cliffs which will take you on the Seven Sisters path.

Be warned, it is all hills!! I spent a lot of time breathing catching my breath. It is however exceptionally beautiful and it does not surprise me that it has been described as one of the best walks in Britain. The walk itself is long, so give yourself a whole day and don’t rush. It took us 4 hours to complete it with a lunch break.

I would advise you take a light rain jacket, good walking shoes or good running shoes, sunblock, a water bottle, lunch and a camera/your phone. I took my camera bag which I regret as it was heavy and it was tough to carry it. It’s up to you though!

Although there are a lot of hills that are tough I would say that it is a manageable walk. I have very bad knees and I needed to take it slow especially and the downhill bits but it wasn’t impossible. As always know your issue and work around it. A lot of people had walking sticks which I’m sure would help on the tricky bits.

The path is easy to follow and takes you on the cliffs, please don’t get too close even if you do see lots of tourists taking photos on the edge, the cliffs easily crumble and can be very hazardous. The view isn’t compromised and as you get so high you will get some spectacular views of the white cliffs. The path then takes you down into Eastbourne where you follow the coastal path.

It’s then very easy to get back into London from Eastbourne.  Overall it’s a great day trip and a great workout.




A messy introduction

Beginnings are always hard so after wracking my brain trying to find a catchy start I thought I would just go for it. I started this blog to discuss/vent about the general mess that my life feels like. I grew up in South Africa and Dubai, went to university in England and I am now (but not for long) living in London. As some of you know being a third culture kid results in a lot of inner questioning about what is the appropriate thing to do and usually mucking it up. A lot of my ramblings will be travel based as I spend most of my day thinking about future holidays.